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The company I have part-time job: they have win server, simple app for call-center and many diff. office data in diff. forms. They still don't have the site. Whould you like me to talk about migration at the company? It seems I can't compose smth new for them, may be as they didn't need it at all, may be as I have energy for only one task, only one possibility. Otherwise it will be the same thing: trying to combine very diff. cases again, it is schizophrenia.

Cloud topics, cloud problematics applying current firm problems?

it may have sense.. with politics, social reforms in US and med management.. the same thing was in Gate's book. Smth. to compare it with?

it isn't news, it isn't entertainment or advert. as it is right now.

return me my account please

It is needed to be improved to work version by some your words!? ;)

It should be constructed to be applicable: it should be limited by main line of discussion from one side and business strategy from the other side.

What's wrong?

-to create units of supposed discussion

-to combine them with audience

(what audience it would be -those who may "like the page")

-to share them with diff. social media tools (not for discussion, only for sale)

(Do you register  tm or itss only in psw inscription?)

make my thoughts more strict: i'll try to compose smth. today evening and make new post

I find reanimated fb-page: both img-s may be usefull there.

You think we should write smth if we dont have  thesaurus.

It's not for use, unfortunately (I see)

& it's not possible (almost) to do smth with drupal from my iphone.

I'd like to upload new logo and FB-layout just for your fun and may be for use.