Known Issue - EC2ResponseError: 400 Bad Requestf in Northern California region


"ERROR:EC2ResponseError: 400 Bad Request" when trying to migrate to Northern California EC2 region.


Amazon EC2 prevents to launch instances in Northern California default availability zone. 

You should specify another availability zone to launch your instance.


1. Locate .ini configuration file you created during the transfer.

2. Open it via Notepad

3. Locate the following string:

    zone = us-west-1a

4. Replace it with the following string:

    zone = us-west-1b

5. In case there is no such string, find the following line:

    region = us-west-1

And replace it with following lines:

    region = us-west-1
    zone = us-west-1b

6. Save this file and close Notepad

7. Resume the transfer task by doing the following:

  1.     Run Cloudscraper
  2.     Select "Resume existing Transfer"
  3.     Click "Browse" and locate your .ini configuration file
  4.     Enter your AWS secret key below
  5.     Check the "Redeploy Uploaded Image""
  6.     Click Next
  7.     Click Start
  8.     Wait till migration completes