Migration made easy

Cloudscraper creates a byte-by-byte replica of your server in the cloud.

Your data

Cloudscraper copies your data to the cloud.
All transfers are secure. Data is sent directly to the cloud via industry-standard secure protocol,
no 3rd parties involved.

Your apps

Cloudscraper copies your apps
including settings, licenses, and all relevant files.
Your apps are fully operational in the cloud.

Your settings

Cloudscraper copies your operating system and settings including registry, drivers, and utilities.
Cloudscraper virtualization technology ensures your system boots and efficiently runs inside the cloud.

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Cloudscraper product has 3 versions:
Free, Full, and Pro.
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Limited version

  • Windows only
  • 1 server, 50 GB limit
  • to AWS, Azure
  • -



Most popular

  • Windows and Linux
  • 1 server
  • to AWS, Azure
  • Text support



Advanced version

  • Windows and Linux
  • 10 servers
  • to AWS, Azure, OpenStack, onApp
  • Text and voice support

As simple as possible

Just four simple steps to migrate!
Click on a step icon to see a screenshot and a brief tutorial entry.


What customers say...

IT pro's in US and worldwide migrate workloads with Cloudscraper.

After spending 3 days on the phone with AWS support I was told my migration path was not feasible. Once I found CLOUDSCRAPER, I have to say that this was the easiest migration I have done to date. Tech support has been very helpful and quick with responses. This approach to cloud migration has been a time (and $money$) saver. Amazon's utilities can’t do what CLOUDSCRAPER can do. Thanks very much!!!!!!!!
Steve Iannuzzo
IT Consultant,
Cloudscraper does just what it says it says it will. Support Staff is responsive and helpful. We migrated several production VM's and even physical servers to the cloud using these tools. All applications and services transferred over flawlessly.
This is really a fantastic toolset and worth every penny we spent. When the need arises again, we'll turn to Cloudscraper.
It saved us hundreds of hours.
Bradley Tompkins
Bradley Tompkins
IT Manager, AKEnterprises
Couldscraper made our migration to AWS easy, their support is second to note.
I highly recommend Cloudscraper.
Stuart Dyer
Stuart Dyer
IT Pro, Innovit