Cloudscraper Clone Amazon EC2 FAQ

1. What OSes are supported?

Microsoft Windows 2003 R2, Microsoft Windows 2008 and Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 server of all editions (except Web Server)

2. What platforms (hardware, virtualization, cloud) are supported?

Hardware platforms: Any x86-64

Virtualization platforms: VMware Workstation\ESX\ESXi 4.0\5.0+, Hyper-V 2008, Hyper-V 2008R2, Hyper-V 2012, RedHat KVM, Oracle VirtualBox

Citrix XenServer is not supported.

Cloud platforms: Any non-Citrix based.

3. Cannot connect via RDP

EC2 firewall should accept RDP. Add RDP to your server security group, apply settings. Restart your instance.

4. Windows Server Licensing

Amazon EC2 automatically provides your server with license. The license cost is implicitly included in your EC2 bill.

In case migrated Windows server require activation install either official EC2Config or configure Amazon KMS services to activate your cloud server using licenses provided by Amazon.

5. Other Software Licensing

Consult appropriate software license whether it could be used in cloud environment.

6. Where my images are stored?

Your images are stored in your Amazon S3 account in buckets starting with "cloudscraper-" prefix.

7. What is the difference between Cloudscraper and Amazon VM Import?

Really, Cloudscraper uses VM import mechanisms to convert your server image to fully compatible instance.

The thing is Cloudscraper extends the VM import support from Hyper-V\VMware machines to any physical\virtual\cloud server by making appropriate P2V and V2V adjusts "on-flight".

Moreover Cloudscraper simplifies the whole import process.

8. Will Linux be supported?

Yes, Linux is planned to be supported.

9. Does "Microsoft System Reserved" partition needs to be transferred?

No, there is no need to transfer your Microsoft System Reserved partition. The system boot will be adjusted on-the-fly by software.

10. Is migration of Active Directory domain controllers supported?

Yes, domain controllers could be migrated too. Migrate them first if you wish to migrate several servers.

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